College and Career Readiness

Video Shorts with Print Downloads and Discussion Question

Watch a short two-minute video featuring real kids and their stories, with accompanying discussion questions.

Print Resources

Click the links below to download Connect with Kids print resources for College & Career Readiness.

    Organization Skills

    • Getting Organized 101

      Review organizational skills including syllabi review, use of the planner and creating checklists.

    • Note Taking

      Discuss and review strategies for proper note taking during research using the Cornell Method of Note Taking.

    • A Binder for the College Bound

      Students learn to organize their thoughts and materials to support the college search process.

    • Organizing a College Visit

      Review tasks and a thought process on who to call and what to see when preparing for productive college visits.

    Research Strategies

    • Online Accuracy?

      Review tips and techniques to authenticate websites used in research.

    • Using Google and Narrowing Searches

      Explore and practice techniques to narrow and refine online searches for information.

    • Note Taking

      Review tips to help note taking during research, like looking for key words, quotes and important data to cite.

    • MLA Citations

      Discuss steps in the research process, including the commonly required MLA (Modern Language Association) citation structure.

    Study and Test Taking Skills

    • Test Prep

      Preparation and test taking strategies for before, during and after the test.

    • Studying Techniques

      Individual and group strategies on how to prepare for a test.

    • Essay Q and A

      A suggested thought process and techniques for crafting an essay question answer.

    • Creating a Study Guide

      Review strategies and a helpful outline for creating a study guide.

    • Learning by Teaching

      Discuss the difference between memorizing and learning as students try teaching others as a method of study and review.

    • Outlining a Paper

      Discuss “writer’s block” challenges and topic outline techniques.

    Your Report Card and Transcript

    Goal Setting

    • Mapping Short-Term Goals

      A discussion and exercise to map out short-term goals.

    • College Exploration

      Complete a fact-finding mission to identify key details about colleges and universities of interest.

    • Career Exploration

      Take an online career quiz and complete a fact-finding mission to identify various career paths.

    Interview Skills

    Resume Building

    • Resume Platform

      Help students to explore their strengths and experiences to build a baseline resume.

    • Recommendation Letters

      Learn about the importance of recommendation letters and get the process started to have some on hand.

    • Cover Letters

      Learn why a cover letter and resume is that first impression and can help secure an interview, and draft a sample cover letter.